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To whoever is reading this, welcome to our story!

I will start off by introducing myself to you; my name is Liné, I was born in Namibia but I grew up in Dubai and I am currently pursuing a degree in Law. I never dreamt that I would someday become the founder of my own skincare company, which comes to show that the best things in life are always the ones you least expect.

When I was three years old, I developed a skin condition that gave me a severe allergic reaction to almost anything that came into contact with my face, particularly my lips. After countless tests and examinations, nobody was able to diagnose my condition or provide any permanent solutions. I grew up unable to apply any product to my face that wasn't prescribed by my dermatologist, this included makeup, facial treatments and basically all of the wonderful products I came across in Sephora!

One night, around the age of thirteen, I woke up with painful rashes and hives all over my body and, after a quick trip to the emergency room, I was diagnosed with eczema that gets triggered by on overreactive response to most allergens. At the time I was devastated, I didn't understand why my own body was causing me so much pain; I had an undiagnosed condition on my face that had left large marks on the corners of my lips, and now my body would breakout in an allergic reaction if I even sweated too much, which was a nightmare considering I lived in one of the hottest places on earth! I think the worst part of it all was the fact that I was obsessed with lip glosses and scented products, and I couldn't wear any of it.

Finally, as if by chance, I went to a new dermatologist in Dubai to discuss treatment for my acne, and she was able to diagnose the condition on my lips as a rare type of contact dermatitis, that would unfortunately never fade away. After years of searching for an answer, I finally had it and I decided to take matters into my own hands, quite literally. I started doing research and experementing on all kinds of skincare ingredients that would be safe for me, most of my attempts failed and I spent a lot of nights trying to convince myself why I shouldn't just give up. Eventually, I created a coloured lip gloss that would also act as a barrier cream to keep my lips protected and moisturised! I was ecstatic, I couldn't believe that I had managed to create a product for myself that could do what no other dermatologically-aproved lip gloss could do. After that, I continued to make different kinds of skincare products for myself, I cleared up my acne completely and even pursued a certification in cosmetology alongside my L.L.B.

It had never occurred to me to actually sell my products, until I started giving samples to a few close friends who were also suffering from sensitive skin conditions and they made me realise that I have the opportunity and capabilities to help others who are struggling the way I had been. From there I started up an Instagram page, I didn't think much of it at the time but it quickly turned into a small business where I made my first few orders with incredibly supportive customers, I then launched the website and was joined by my incredibly talented team to turn this vision into a reality, and so...Legacy -By Liné was born! To this day I am astonished by the immense love and support we have received from so many people from around the world, hearing everyone's stories and realising that I had helped someone in some way inspires me to create new products for every skin type and personality, and I will continue to grow this brand 

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